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Re: BREAD Digest V4 #2

Tue, 19 Jan 93 09:53:39 PST
In Digest Vol 4 #2,

>From: margaret@msw104i.b24b.ingr.com (Margaret Wiginton)
>Subject: Hitachi Home Bakery Plus

I have a Hitachi Home Bakery (HB-B101) and have yet to try it for lack
of time (believe it or not! I have been moving and getting a house
together takes time...). Anyhow, Hitachi will send you a booklet of
recipies that have been submitted by other Hitachi owners. They say
they are not guarenteed to work, but if they were submitted, my
guess is that they will work. Once I dig them up, I will post them

Renee Roberts