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Welbilt Bread Maker

Ted.Taylor@p4214.f104.n109.z1.FidoNet.Org (Ted Taylor)
Sat, 29 Feb 1992 09:04:00 GMT
 JD> From: jgd@dixie.com (John De Armond)

 JD> Organization: Dixie Communications Public Access.  The Mouth of the
 JD> South.
 JD> We just got a Welbilt Bread Maker.  We're looking for some good recipies.
 JD> Anyone got some goodies?

Try one of these BBSes, and see if you can't find a file to download called
"BREDMACH.ZIP."  That's in IBM-PC "ZIP" format -- it can be un-compacted on a
clone or on a Mac (the latter, using unZIP or another utility).  The file
itself is plain ASCII, and with minimal effort can be formatted and printed
on any machine.  I've heard reports that it's a great collection.

 GA Athens          Options Unlimited BBS        404-543-5468  1:370/70    
 GA Macon           Dixieland BBS                912-471-1243  1:3611/1    
 GA Tucker          PC-Link BBS                  404-938-2213  1:133/523   
 GA Warner Robins   Crystal BBS                  912-328-7257  1:3611/16   
 GA Warner Robins   TallyBoard                   912-328-6183  1:3611/10   

 * Origin: Not yet disapPointed. (1:109/104.4214)