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Sourdough news

dadams@cherry.cray.com (David Adams)
Thu, 16 Jan 1992 09:03:00 GMT
The sourdough mail group has been goin at it for a 

couple of weeks now.  There are at present 98 people
on the list.

The sourdough mail group is a forum for exchanging
information about sourdough cooking, where to obtain
cultures, bragging about cultures, how to swap cultures
by mail, swapping sourdough recipes etc.  If any of
you are interested in sourdough or have something to
contribute contact dadams@cray.com (.)

The sourdough mail comes in three distinct formats.
There is an active discussion group where I send out
mail as I recieve it.  For those who would like to 
avoid interuptions in their schedule, there is a 
daily digest.  There is also a weekly digest.

If you would like to sign up please indicate which format
you prefer.

david adams