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VEGAN: Bread machine Sunflower Bread

Sun, 15 Dec 1991 09:05:00 GMT
[ From rec.food.recipes ]

My wife and I have been playing with our breadmaker (the R2-D2 one),
and have developed two recipes which we are quite fond of.  I decided that 
they were best shared (especially if I can get good feedback on them), so
here goes.

[the second recipe is being posted separately -aem]

	Sunflower Bread

	2 tsp yeast
	3 Tbsp sunflower seeds
	3 Tbsp cracked wheat
	2 Tbsp wheat germ
	1 3/4 C. whole wheat flour
	1 1/2 C. white flour
	1/2 tsp salt
	2 Tbsp honey
	4 Tbsp butter/margerine/corn oil/. . . 
	1/2 C. raisins (add at the beginning, not at the beeps)
	1 C. + 5 Tbsp warm water.

That's it.  Dump it all in and turn it on.  The raisins are for
moisture and flavour, so the should get all chopped up (sometimes it
helps to dice them a bit before you put them in).  Best of all , this
is healthy, and perfect for setting on timer.