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Re: problem with DAK breadmaker

newton@convex.com (Vicki Newton)
Sun, 15 Dec 1991 09:04:00 GMT
[ From rec.food.cooking ]

well a big thanks to everyone for their sympathy over the illness
of my breadmaker.  for those who inquired, no, i didn't purchase
the breadmaker with a credit card so the 3 month warranty that DAK
offered is all i have.  sniff sniff.  since that is expired, i am
pretty much on my own.  DAK gave me info about their repair service
but that requires my shipping the breadmaker to california at my
expense and providing a $12 "processing fee" in addition to whatever
repair charge they assess.  sounds like it might get pricey.

i have noticed an amazing similarity between the DAK breadmakers
and the welbilt ones.  perhaps welbilt makes the DAK ones or else
the 2 companies share a manufacturer?  anyway, i'd like to explore
the possibility of finding a repair place closer to me than DAKs.

does anyone have a service number for welbilt or know how i might
go about finding a place that would even look at this breadmaker?


p.s. yes, i am suffering severe homemade bread withdrawals.