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DAK turbo vs std

XREAG@ELDYN.GSFC.NASA.GOV (Emily A. Greene GSFC (301)286-1085)
Sat, 23 Nov 1991 09:02:00 GMT
>From: debbie@sun1.InterLan.COM (Debbie Fox)

>Subject: DAK breadmakers turbo vs. std
>I am finally going to get my breakmaker. I've looked at several models and I
>was wondering if anyone had any comments on the DAK turbo vs the DAK
>standard model? 
>- -- 
>Debbie F.

Last month we purchased the DAK standard model because 1) I don't
believe you can make bread in 2 1/2 hours because it will be grainy, and
2) $20 is $20.  However, DAK sent us the Turbo model anyway, for the
lower price. 

Its normal setting is for a 4 hour loaf, and there is a button for
"Turbo mode".  The difference in time between the two settings is mostly
a MUCH shorter first rising, and it does produce a grainier bread.  So 
we just use it on the normal setting.