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Bread Machine Recipes

Patt Bromberger <van-bc!squid.tram.com!patt>
Sat, 9 Nov 1991 09:03:00 GMT
>From: fsajh@acad3.alaska.edu (HAGENSICK ALICIA J)

>Newsgroups: rec.food.cooking
>Subject: Bread Machine Recipes

I have read before on this net that several people were looking for a book
of recipes for Bread Makers.  A test kitchen in Anchorage, Alaska has
written and test recipes for multiple types of bread machines.  The name
of the book is Electric Bread and after trying several of the breads myself,
I recommend it highly.  If the book is not availble in your area, there is an
800 number to order the book.  The number is 1-800-541-2733;  the price is
$29.95 per copy.  Enjoy!