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Damark selling two models

William Martin <check@STL-06SIMA.ARMY.MIL>
Sat, 9 Nov 1991 09:02:00 GMT
Noticed two bread machines in two different recent catalogs from:

7101 Winnetka Ave. N.
PO Box 29900
Minneapolis, MN 55429-0900

800-729-9000 (orders)
800-733-9070 or 800-788-7001 (Customer Service)
800-729-4744 (Product Info) 

Apologies to the international readership, but the only non-800 numbers
in two different catalogs are the FAX #s 612-531-0281 or 612-531-0380.

(Damark is one of those mail-order "closeout" dealers like COMB, which
always tack on an excessive shipping charge in fine print to hike the
price blared out in big print. They also offer a "free gift" with orders;
your choice of some PC software, a calorie-counter calculator-like device,
a pen&pencil set, some fancy sunglasses, or a golf video.)

The one is the Welbilt round glass-dome-top model ABM-100 with 1 1/2 lb.
loaf capacity; stock # B-378-131334, price $124.99 with shipping charge
of $13.50. Weight 18.5 lb.

The other has no brand name stated or visible in the picture; it is a
square-loaf model, rectangular in shape with a white finish and a hinged
opaque lid. (The words "Bread Bakery" can just be made out on the upper
left front panel.) No loaf-size capacity stated. Stock # B-377-117762,
price $149.99 plus $13.00 shipping. Weight 17 lb.

Regards, Will