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mailrus!gatech!mcnc.org!cwppc!cwp (Catherine Pitts)
Mon, 7 Oct 1991 09:01:00 GMT
Wheeeeee. I received another posting from you.  It seems that it is

time to tell the ones that missed seeing this several months ago

about the bread machine cookbook.  One can order it from
Simmer Pot Press
Rt 3, Box 973A
Boone, NC  28607 .  Phone 704/262-3289

I do not remember how much they charged for shipping and handling,
but my memory tells me that I sent $11.50.  The book gives all
recipes and computes the difference for the smaller machines as
well as the larger machines.  176 pages, 130 recipes and have
been tested on all of the popular machines.  It is well worth the
money.  The above mentioned $11.50 was the total cost (book plus
handling charges.

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