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Roberta Jean Long <rl27+@andrew.cmu.edu>
Sun, 29 Sep 1991 09:02:00 GMT

every time I make bread in my bread maker, it always has the same texture,
when I just make the dough then take it out it still doesn't bake up well.

So I am looking for good recipes for:
1.  French & Italian bread- I am looking for a recipe like waht you can get in
a bakery/restaurant, that is crusty on the outside soft inside
either something that yu make inthe maker, or just make the dough in it is good

2.  A good recipe for kaiser rolls, or any rolls for that matter,
they alway seem to come out the same, as the ball of dough, they rise,t
but are not at all intesting.

3.  Rye bread
I have tried the recipe in the DAK book 3 time, and one other recipe,
but it never rises, it just makes a ball of dough.