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Re: gooey centers

bruceb@lccsd.sd.locus.com (Bruce M. Binder)
Thu, 12 Sep 1991 09:03:00 GMT
>From: dee@lamont.ldgo.columbia.edu

>Subject: gooey centers, sigh
>   Yep!  I finally joined the gooey-center-group.
>   The latest flop was with
>   the whole wheat banana bread (from DAK's book)...the out-
>   side was burned and the inside was completely raw.  (The
>   outer inch was cooked).   I then put it in my oven at 350
>   degrees ... 45 minutes later (!!!) it was still raw in
>   the middle!                               ^^^^^
>   I would very much like to know if the folks who have com-
>   plained previously about gooey centers have had their
>   problems using oil recipes?  And did their machines behave
>   normally when using a margerine recipe?

Every time I try the whole wheat banana recipe now, it flops in
exactly that way.  I originally suspected the machine was the
problem because the first two times I made it, it came out
perfectly.  The other recipes that I have seen problems with are the
Russian Black Bread and the Egg Bread.  I haven't made the egg
bread myself but a woman I work with has.  She says it worked fine
for her the first few times before she started getting a gooey
center.  I will check the recipes and try with different oils and
let you know what happens.  

My machine is actually the Welbilt so I have not been able to avail
myself of DAK's reknown service policies.  I have recounted my
experience with Welbilt in this forum and haven't been satisfied.
If you get any help from DAK, I'd be interested in hearing about

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