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Request: Salt Rising Bread

John DeGood <degood@avo.hp.com>
Tue, 10 Sep 1991 09:02:00 GMT
Approximately 30 years ago in Kansas City, Missouri, my family used to

purchase "Salt Rising Bread".  I think it might have been baked by the
Manor Bread Co.  It was a dense-textured, thin-sliced loaf with a salty
taste and a wonderful aroma when toasted.

I have been unable to locate a recipe in cookbooks, and relatives in
Kansas City tell me they remember the bread but have not seen it for
many years.  Can anyone help me locate a recipe for Salt Rising Bread?


John DeGood
Hewlett-Packard Avondale (Pennsylvania) Division
degood@avo.hp.com    -or-   ...!hplabs!hpavla!degood
215 268-5523

P.S.  Bruce Hill's "Chicago Style Pizza" (V2 #15) is truly "Numero Uno"!