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gooey centers, sigh

Tue, 10 Sep 1991 09:01:00 GMT
   Yep!  I finally joined the gooey-center-group.

   Does anyone else's experience lead them to believe it is
   the fault of the recipe and not the machine?

   My faithful DAK has only failed me when the recipe calls
   for oil, rather than margerine.  The latest flop was with
   the whole wheat banana bread (from DAK's book)...the out-
   side was burned and the inside was completely raw.  (The
   outer inch was cooked).   I then put it in my oven at 350
   degrees ... 45 minutes later (!!!) it was still raw in
   the middle!                               ^^^^^

   I then, stubbornly, put a thin slice in the toaster!  Even
   that did nothing to change the consistency of the gooey,
   rubbery center.

   I would very much like to know if the folks who have com-
   plained previously about gooey centers have had their
   problems using oil recipes?  And did their machines behave
   normally when using a margerine recipe?