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gooey center

Jane Marcus <janem@hpfcls.fc.hp.com>
Sun, 19 May 1991 09:02:00 GMT
I have a DAK machine and I've never had the notorious gooey center

problem.  But last week I decided to try one of the corn bread
recipes from the digest.  This turned out good tasting but was a 
very dense and moist bread and the center did not get all the 
way done.  So I'm wondering if bread machines simply don't do 
a good job with this type of bread.  When I think about it, 
when I used to make banana breads and such in my conventional oven, 
I often had the problem of not knowing when it would be done and had to 
bake for an hour or so, checking several times at the end with a 
toothpick for doneness.  So, does this theory hold up with most/all
models of bread machines out there?  I haven't had any problems with
gooey center in the loaves I've made since, and I tend not to
make breads of the very dense variety.

Jane Marcus