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Bread machine cookbook!

Thu, 25 Apr 1991 09:04:00 GMT
I just got a catalog in the mail last night that features a lot of

interesting cookbooks.  One the back page is The Bread Machine 
Cookbook.  Here's the description verbatim:


You already know that bread machines are becoming common kitchen
appliances.  In fact, between 500,000 and 1 million happy breadbakers
now use them.  There's only been one problem.  Where to find recipes
written specifically for bread machines?

At last, Donna Rathnell German has solved the problem in a wonderful
new book.

The Bread Machine Cookbook is the only cookbook for bread machines.
In this authoritative collection, you'll discover 130 recipes for
white and whole grain breads; cheese, fruit, and vegetable breads;
spice and herb breads; rolls, croissants, bread sticks -- almost every
kind of bread you can think of.
- -----------------------------------------------------------------
Grape Nut Bread, Grita Bread, Kashi Bread, New York Rye Bread,
Oatmeal Bread, Honey Nut Oatmeal Bread, Cream of Wheat Bread,
Shredded Wheat Bread, Portuguese Sweet Bread, Cottage Cheese
Bread, Herb Bread, Garlic Parmesan Bread, Anadama Bread, Sourdough
French Bread, Christmas Bread, Oregano Bread, Dill Bread and 113 others.
- -----------------------------------------------------------------
What's more, you'll also find the proper ingredients for each machine
size, as well as instructions and information for every available
bread machine.  Plus, these recipes have been tested on DAK, Welbilt,
National/Panasonic, Zojirushi, Hitachi, and Regal machines.

This book's a winner, especially at the low price of just $8.95.
Order copies for yourself and your friends right now! (176 pages,
softbound, add $3.00 shipping and handling).  
- -----------------------------------------------------------------
AMO note:  The address of the catalog from which to order is:

Simmer Pot Press
Route 3 Box 973A
Boone, NC 28607           (Price for their catalog is $2.00 by the way)

Phone (704) 262-3289

Disclaimer:  I have no affiliation with this place nor the cookbook.
I'm just a bread machine owner and cookbook collector!