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robinr@pyrxbooter.pyramid.com (Robin Rosenberg)
Sat, 19 Jan 1991 09:02:00 GMT
Has anyone made rolls or "specialty breads" like challah in the bread

machine?  I'm trying out DAK's challah recipe today, but ideally I'd
like to be able to take it out after the kneading, braid it, and
throw it in the regular oven. Has anyone done anything like this?
Any ideas on how long it would take to completely knead the dough, and
how long I'd need to bake it in the oven? (Does the DAK recipe work
ok for this, or is there something better I should use?)

Thanks much.

Robin Rosenberg (robinr@pyramid.com, or {sun|uunet|decwrl}!pyramid!robinr