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The DAK machine

m2xenix!uunet!telesoft!kami (Kami Olsson-Tapp @day)
Sat, 19 Jan 1991 09:01:00 GMT
I have had my DAK/Welbilt machine for a year now and bake bread at least
once a week. There are a few things I have noticed:

  1) Putting a piece of tinfoil in the dome makes for a much
     better crust on the top. It also saves on cleanup when 
     my bread over-rises. This was recommended by Consumer
     Reports in their comparisons of the machines.

  2) DAK doesn't remember its customers. I got a copy of the "Gourmet
     Gazette" with the new recipes from a friend who just got his DAK --
     DAK claimed I was on the list but I have never gotten anything 
     from them since I ordered the machine. 

  3) Breads with lots of sugar do better on the "sweet bread" setting
     or with the knob turned all the way down. If I use more than 2 teaspoons
     of sugar/honey/brown sugar it will burn otherwise. The DAK "Golden Egg" 
     bread recipe is almost as good and doesn't burn when you cut the sugar
     in half and turn the knob to light.

  4) Bread is much better when baked right away and warm liquid is used
     rather than using the timer (especially in the winter -- this did
     not matter as much last summer).

  5) The bread is texture changes when it rains or is humid. I almost always 
     get a concave top when it rains.

  6) Oat Blead flour is wonderful. I like to use 1.5 cups better for
     bread, 1.5 cups oat blend, yeast, 1 t sugar (brown, white or honey),
     1 T butter, 1/2 t salt and 1.25 cups warm water.

  7) I get yeast in 1 pound bags from a restaurant supply house ("Smart and
     Final"). For Fleischmanns or Red Start I user 1.5 teaspoons. For Fermipan
     I use 1 teaspoon. I pay about $2/lb and it lasts a long time.

  8) Heavy breads (e.g., Anadama) come out gooey in the center.

  9) 1/2c instant mashed potatoes added to white or oat bread make it
     moister and make the little bit that is left better the next day.
     I put the flakes in below the flour if I am using the timer.

Keep those ideas coming ....