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Re: gooey holes in center

bruceb@lccsd.sd.locus.com (Bruce M. Binder)
Wed, 16 Jan 1991 09:02:00 GMT
> Myself, I haven't been using our machine much because just about

> every loaf I make lately comes out gooey in the middle.  Heavy
> breads, and the DAK lemon bread (wonderful!) have been especially
> bad.  I looked through the bread archives and saw the suggestions
> from Bruce Binder (thanks!) but that didn't solve my problem.

I was the one who posted the problem, not the suggestion and I
still have not been able to get it to work reliably.  I have tried
adjusting the recipe and the crust setting to no avail.  I think
maybe the heavy bread just needs more cooking time and the machine
can't do it.

> Could being at 5000' affect it?

I have the problem at 20'.

> Has anyone had any luck calling Welbilt?

I would be _very_ interested in what you find out from Welbilt.  I
haven't tried to call yet because I am still experimenting.  Could
you please post to this mailing list when (if) you find out

> Thanks!  
> Gary

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