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re: gooey hole in center of loaf

Wed, 12 Dec 90 20:00:16 PST
bruceb@lccsd.sd.locus.com  (Bruce M. Binder) writes:

 > Sometimes, when I make bread from a recipe in the DAK book, I
 > get a hole in the center of the loaf that is uncooked and
 > gooey.  Has anyone else had this problem?  Is there a way to
 > correct it?  More flour?  Less yeast?  Less liquid?

 I've experienced this problem also, especially with heavier, moister mixtures 
like banana bread. Some things I've tried that help are:

 1. Always use some harder unbleached bread flour because it has a higher
 gluten content (the bag is usually labeled something like 'best for bread').

 2. Watch the dough during the initial mixing and don't be afraid to add more
 flour if it looks too moist. The dough is too moist if it doesn't seem to
 quickly form a ball. (I love the glass dome feature -- it's fun to observe
 all stages of the baking process.)

 3. Cut down the proportions of the recipe a bit and make a slightly smaller
 loaf, so all the dough has a better chance of baking. Some of my worst disaste
have been when the loaf went way over the top of the baking pan.

 4. If all else fails, pull out the gooey part and enjoy the rest of the loaf