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bibliography of bread maker recipes

Sat, 24 Nov 90 14:42:31 PST
I would like to compile a bibliography of bread maker recipe
 collections. So far I know about and have the following:

 1. "Loafing It: 58 Easy to Make Bread Recipes; the 1989 Guide
 to Automatic Bread Making," advertising booklet from DAK
 Industries, Incorporated.

 2. "Narsai's Bread Recipes for the Automatic Bread Bakery," a
 collection of 7 recipes from KCBS San Francisco radio
 personality Narsai David.

 3. "The Bread Machine," recipe booklet packed with the Welbilt
 bread maker.

 Please let me know what other collections you have and I will
 add them to the list and re-post.

 I've seen comments from other posters alluding to a new
 collection or two from DAK.

 One problem is that most of these publications can't be bought
 (I would if I could). I'm hoping that by compiling this
 bibliography we can promote a wider exchange of these recipes
 via the bread mailing list. Do most people have the original
 DAK collection? It seems that the latest DAK collection is
  harder to come by. 

 I'm planning to post the Narsai David recipes to the bread
 mailing list, a couple at a time. I believe these recipes are
 less widely distributed (I sent for them after hearing about
 them on the radio program).