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Thu, 30 Oct 2003 14:04:08 EST
Today I made a batch of Pan Tramvai, a fruit bread from Italy, everything 
went beautifully - 6 focaccia-style flat loaves looking very nice. And 

I had a pineapple that had to be used up - a fresh one, so I peeled and 
cubed it and topped each of the 6 Focaccia-shaped loves with a layer of the 
pineapple chunks, covered and left the confection to proof, intending to 
put brown sugar and butter on top just before baking. 30 minutes later I 
removed the cover and the bread had disintegrated into mush and the 
pineapple had sunk through the bread like Alien's saliva.

What the...................?

Oh God, memories surfacing suddenly, Pineapple, just like Papaya, has a 
protein degrading enzyme, you can't set fresh pineapple juice with 
gelatine. And what other protein molecule do we all know about Boys and 
Girls? GLUTEN!!!. The gluten structure in the proofing bread had been 
broken down by the enzyme and the result was starch. Sound of John 
indulging in kicking himself.

Well, the bread's been baked, and I'm waiting for it to cool down - doesn't 
look too good though - I'll just call it raisin and pineapple pudding<g>

You have to admit it friends - I do find interesting mistakes to make<g>