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Re: ash question

"Mike Avery" <mavery@mail.otherwhen.com>
Sun, 26 Oct 2003 22:11:05 -0700
Not long ago, Gonzo White <gonzow@prodigy.net.mx> asked:

>They listed for each bread its protein content and the ash content. (12.7% 
>+/- .2% Protein .60 +/- .02 Ash) What is the ash they are talking 
>about?  The only ash I know are what you get after a fire and I don't 
>think they are talking about that.

Yup, that's EXACTLY what they are talking about.  If you look at dog food, 
and several other food products, you'll find mention of ash.

Ash is what's left over after the product is burned under controlled 

While some people aren't fond of ash, it is a measure of minerals.  This is 
very important to the taste of bread, especially sourdough breads. How 
important?  Well, the German flour rating system is strictly a measure of 
the ash content of the flour.  Higher ash flours are more whole grain 
flours.  Flours with more taste.  And more nutrition.

There are many differences in flours, and that is one of them.  An 
important one, but just one.  Look at the Artisan's treatise on flours and 
their test of flours (http://www.theartisan.net/Flour_Suite_Frameset.htm 
and http://www.theartisan.net/bredfrm.htm), or look at my own home page for 
a test of different flours with sourdough breads 

Good luck,
Mike Avery