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Basic white bread in Zoji...

Mon, 13 Jan 1997 08:19 EST
I have a Zoji 1.5 lb machine and have made many wonderful loaves of bread in 
it.  However, I recently started using King Arthur Flour for Bread Machines, 
and my basic white bread (recipe from Zoji book) has not been the same.  
When I used to make it using Gold Medal bread machine flour, the loaves were 
just beautiful.  Since using King Arthur (and adjusting water used by an 
additional 1/8 c), the top of my loaf ALWAYS deflates.  Crust of the loaf is 
also really crunchy.  I have tried reducing the amount of liquid, adjusting 
the amount of yeast, adjusting the amount of salt, all to no avail.  Does 
anyone have any ideas about what might be wrong?  I really miss my 
"perfectly" shaped loaves of basic white.

Looking forward to your response.....Cheryl