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low salt/no salt recipes

gladys m hayward <ghayward@illuminet.net>
Sat, 04 Jan 1997 08:51:09 -0500
dear bread baking friends

         i want to thank all of you who wrote to me with all the super
advice concerning flour weevils.... wow did i ever set off an avalanche!
(smile) but each and every one had some really solid and practical advice.

        now... onto my next adventure in bread baking... some of us are
getting to that "certain age"  (ahem)  when our doctors are telling us LAY
OFF THE SALT in a very loud voice!  when i look at many conventional recipes
i find that the salt content per slice is pretty high.. (average 287-425 mg )  

        what i am looking for are recipes that lower this to maybe 50 mg per
slice... and don't kill the taste and texture of the bread... i need say...
basic white bread... whole wheat bread... rye bread... 
or better... if anyone has come across a cook book that specializes in this
type of recipe...

        i have a regal bread machine... which i have had the greatest luck
with... and the best results from recipes from the "electric bread" cook
book... it bakes a 1 lb loaf.

        if anyone can give me some advice... sure would appreciate your help...

happy bread baking