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Re: Thick Pizza Crust Problem

Mon, 30 Dec 1996 07:55:51 -0500
Marc Joseph <mjoseph@en.com> wrote:

We have a problem when making pizza dough of being able to roll out the
dough thin enough to suit our tastes. I was wondering if anyone knows of
any tricks of the trade, such a simple dough additive, to get the dough to
relax enough to roll it out thinner.

I use a pizza stone and a rolling pin.  With the aid of a lot of corn meal
and a spray of PAM from time to time and a lot of rolling, I can get the
dough very thin.  Just keep rolling. it.  Of course, if you are skilled
enough use centrifugal force like they use to before pizza factories.

Because the pizza stone has a raised edge, I have trouble rolling the edges.
 But I don't mind thick edges and crisp centers.

William Buchman