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Fri, 20 Dec 1996 23:02:15, -0500
To Polly, Commom @aol.com

I'm sure that you'll be very happy with the Zoji S-15A. It is an
outstanding, reliable and easy to use machine. It works so well that you
will be able to make almost all of your favorite recipes on the quick cycle.

The cake cycle is indeed worth using. In a pinch, you can throw a box of
Jiffy Mix into the bread pan and add the other ingredients called for on
the box. When the bell dings, add whatever else you'd like: fruit, nuts,
dried cranberries, raisins and push the button again. The cake will be
mixed, beaten and baked. The bake cycle is 85 minutes long but you should
test your cake for doneness at 30 minutes and 10 minute intervals. When a
wooden skewer or spaghetti strand come out clean, your cake is done.

We have done this at home, quite frequently, when we have unexpected guests
drop by. Within 30 minutes, the smell of fresh cake baking fills the house.
In less than an hour, usually, you have a nice small cake that is ready to serve.

Good luck to you, Polly. Happy Baking!