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allan trevor davies <trevor@global.net.au>
Mon, 16 Dec 1996 21:54:34 +0800
Thanks for all the great recipes, as a new member of the group it's great
to see so much interest in bread making even if it's mostly by machine. Only
one problem that I have is that some of the ingredients I have difficulty
getting in au. That I can get over but the other problem is that some of the
measures shown are difficult to understand - eg sticks of butter and packets
of yeast. I was using a dry yeast, brand name 'Tandaco' which comes in a 7g
but am now using 'Mauripan' which comes in 10g sachet (and a much better
product). I guess all packets are the same in the USA and if so what size
please. Also can someone tell me how much is in a stick of butter please.

Thanks again for all the great recipes, I will post some of my favourite 'hand'
recipes in the near future and would also like to hear from any other
hand made bead bakers in au.

Regards and a happy festive season to all from down under,