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Re: Regal 2 lb bread machine

mvinqvist@mta.ca (Mindy)
Mon, 16 Dec 1996 08:27:32 -0400

Barrie wrote...
   I note that Consumers Reports gave the Regal 2 pound ABM a good review
   last year. I now find it available here in Canada at an excellent price
   and wonder if anyone has any comments on it's quality or efficacy.
   My brother-in-law would like to purchase it for Christmas and I wanted
   to check it out with the people here first.

Well, my hubby bought me one last year and I adore it.  I've never had any
problems with it, and from some things that people write on their machines,
some brands aren't quite so satisfactory.  It is quite versatile and quiet
and I am sure your brother in law will really enjoy his.