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Re: Regal ABMs

"Bill Hatcher" <bhatcher@gc.net>
Sat, 14 Dec 1996 16:48:04 -0500
> From: barlax@synapse.net
> Subject: Regal ABMs
> Date: Mon, 09 Dec 96 01:57:55 -0400
>  I note that Consumers Reports gave the Regal 2 pound ABM a good review
>  last year. I now find it available here in Canada at an excellent price
>  and wonder if anyone has any comments on it's quality or efficacy.
>  My brother-in-law would like to purchase it for Christmas and I wanted
>  to check it out with the people here first.
>  Thank's in advance .....
>                                    Bar.

Bar -

I have been using the Regal model K6771 for a long time and am quite pleased 
with it.  It has a 1 1/2 pound capacity.  I have made several hundred loaves in 
it with consistently high quality bread, and has been remarkably trouble 

Sounds like the one you are looking at may be a different model, but mine is 
several years old so that is understandable.


Bill Hatcher
Southampton County, Virginia, USA