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NEED help on bread density

"L.J. Boggia" <larryb36@wwnet.com>
Sun, 08 Dec 1996 12:06:30 -0500
To all you manual (non-machine) bakers out there:

I use a Kitchen Aid to mix and knead dough.  My problem is that when
baking French or Italian loaves, they both come out about the same. 
That is, not too high and very dense with a very chewy crust.

I have been trying to get results that are more traditional - large
holes in a light crumb with a crispy crust.

I use a dark cookie sheet and I do place a pan of water in the bottom of
the oven to get steam.

I also have a pizza stone, but haven't used it for bread as yet.

Anyone have suggestions?


L.J. Boggia