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Bread for Christmas

kmeade@ids2.idsonline.com (The Meades)
Sun, 8 Dec 1996 11:26:52 -0500
You may want to use your machine to make dough and freeze the dough and them
bake the breads in your oven just prior to giving them away. You can make
interesting shapes that way. You could also make slightly smaller loaves and
have more presents. You could use two different doughs and braid them. You
could also make breads that you roll goodies into like a jelly roll prior to
baking. You could try cheeses, olives, dried fruits, spices, herbs, onions,
garlic, meats, or chopped vegetables. I like feta cheese and spinach with
garlic. Lemon curd would be interesting in a sweet dough. My bread machine
is broken. Couldn't have picked a worse time to go kaput. Have fun.