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Thu, 05 Dec 1996 19:41:05 -0500 (EST)

Roaming the Net I picked up this info:

To order tef by mail call 208 454-3330 Madkal Forages Inc.
I believe this tef flour is grown in Idaho, USA.
I have no idea if this place still exists.
The real tef, produces a greyish color of the cooked finished product.
and its gluten free!

Docs re tef and injera:

                   Injera (Ethiopian Sourdough Flatbread)

                       Makes 5 Large Injeras (Crepes)

2 cups TEFF flour
2 cups self-rising flour, rice or barley flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
5 cups luke warm water

  1. In a large bowl mix 2 1/2 cups water with 2 cups TEFF flour.
  2. In a blender mix self-rising or other flour, 1/2 teaspoon baking
     powder and 2 1/2 cups water, then pour mixture into a second bowl.
  3. Cover both bowls and leave them for 2-3 days until fermentation and
     water has risen to the top of each mixture.
  4. Carefully pour off the water that now covers the mixtures.
  5. Combine the two mixtures in one bowl, cover and let the mixture stand
     for 2 hours until it rises.
  6. Pour the batter evenly to form a thin layer over the surface of a
     large heated skillet. The skillet temperature should be 425F.
  7. Cook mixture until a spongy, crepe-like bread is formed. Remove from
     heat and allow to cool.
  8. Place food on injera and arrange folded injera around edges of serving
     dish.Injera around edge of dish are used to pick up morsels of food.

 Yet'ef Injera
This is the recipe for injera made from t'ef flour off
Exotic Ethiopian Cooking

1 1/2 lbs t'ef flour
6 cups water
2 pkt yeast.

Sift t'ef into
deep mixinb bowl. Add water gradually and working with your fingers to avoi
lumps. Work into a dough.In another pot dissovle yeast in some warm water.
d to the flour. Mix. Leave the dough uncover until fermentation starts (the
ter will rise to the top), 2 or 3 days. Discard the waterSeparately boil
cups of water. Add 1 cup of the dough to the boilding water. Put on the sto
 (make sure it's warm), and stir continuosly. When it becomes thick, remove
and cool down. Return to the original pot. Add more water, cover and let st
d until it risesNow you are ready to finally cook the thing
Preheat a
n to about 420 degrees (use a non-stick pan or a pancake pan).  Pour about
4 cups of the mixture into the pan, starting at the
 edge and going in circles towards the center. Cover and cook for 2-4 minu
s. The rim of the injera will rise when it's done. Remove immediately

                       Gluten-free Grains and Flours
                           for baking and bread.

This information is an extract from
Gluten-free Cookery. The Complete Guide for Gluten-free or Wheat-free Diets


Eragrostis abyssinica ( Eragrostis tef )
This is a small seeded relative of the millets. It is a staple crop of
Ethiopia where it is made into a baked pancake called 'injera'.
Teff contains 14% protein and 2% fat. It is a good source of calcium, iron
and thiamine, better than other cereal grains. It produces a brown flour
with excellent baking qualities.

 Good luck to all  with you injera!

Joan,"Flour Power"


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