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Mon, 2 Dec 1996 15:22:11 -0500
Ho Ho Ho Breadbakers!  When I was in my Safeway (Colorado Springs) last week
I spotted 1 pound package of Fleishman's yeast for $2.45!  And a 2 pound
package was $4.39!  Not as good a price as Costco or Sams, and NOT Red Star,
but at these prices it would be worth a try.  If your Safeway doesn't yet
have this item, ask your store manager to order it for you.  I usually buy
Red Star at Costco in California and haul it back to Colorado.  Keeps forever
(well, maybe!) in the freezer.

To Janis:  re: gnarly crust.  I've discovered my bread is only gnarly when it
has too little water.  Try adding a bit more liquid and see what happens.

For MarcyMichelleMorgan:  Isn't the Red Star yeast carried by Sam's the
instant kind?  That's what we have in the Sam's here.  And that would explain
the fact that it cannot be risen as much as regular yeast.  I've requested
they carry the regular kind to no avail.  That's why I buy it in CA.  We also
have a restaurant supply house here, Sysco, that sells to the public, and
they usually have regular Red Star, at almost twice the price of Costco, but
still lots better than the packets or jars in the grocery.

Thanks, all, for the wonderful recipes lately!  I have a 4-1/2 year old R2D2
and it's still working great!  I also bought same machine from a lady who
SAID it wouldn't heat, for $5 at a rummage, and have all those spare parts
and a handy husband!  So hope I  (and husband) can keep it chugging for a

Happy Holidays!  from Jean at Ritterhaus