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Sun, 1 Dec 1996 22:10:25 +0000
Ken Fisler wrote:
Elaine asked if there's people here on this list who don't use
bread machines.  Yes, there is at least one such person.  Though
I've been making bread only for a few years, I've never used a
bread machine.  <snip>  Any other non-machine bread bakers here?

Yes ... I like to get my hands into the dough.  Also, I like to bake more
than one kind of bread at a time, so I've given specific directions every
Christmas that I do not want a bread machine.  I did buy a KitchenAid mixer
this year (after many years of marriage with only a hand-mixer, this was a
real jump) which I now use for the mixing and kneading.  It only handles 2
loaves at a time (for the sandwich bread, I always make 4 at a time), and
even that crawls up and over the beater sometimes, but I cope.

I've tried several bread machine recipes I've found on this list and
elsewhere and baked them manually.  I got a terrific saffron bread and an
apricot bread that are already family standards.  I had to add a little more
flour as they were sticky.  Other than that, they came out great.

I do sourdough.  I've had starter going for about 20 years.  I've carried it
with me through several moves to different states and even overseas.  I
recently dried it with success which will make that easier the next time I move.