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Re: Softening honey and other uses for a microwave

Maggie Mortensen <exarch@accesscom.net>
Sun, 01 Dec 1996 12:20:54 -0600
Susan Chapin <schapin@mitre.org> wrote: 
> Someone asks about re-liquifying honey.  Remove the metal lid and put the 
> jar in the microwave, wave on low for a short while.  Monitor your progress 
> since you don't want to cook the outside layer of honey.  You will soon 
> have enough liquid honey for making your bread.  Or of course you could 
> simply dig out the amount you need and use it in its crystallized form.

Another useful microwave tip, especially with all those
brown-sugar-intensive Christmas baked goods coming up:  if brown sugar
has hardened and lumped, before you use it put the whole package in the
microwave on high for about 15 seconds.  If not quite softened, try
another spin at 10 seconds.  (Do it in short bursts til it's the right
consistency -- it'll liquefy if left in too long.)


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