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Jerry McBride's Caraway Rye Bread

Sun, 01 Dec 1996 16:34:39 EST
Dear Bread Experts,
     Since I've loved this list for so long and have gotten
tons of tips and recipes from all you wonderful people, I
thought it's about time I give something back!  Here's a
recipe my Zoji-owning friend developed, and it's one of
my favorites.  It works well in my DAK, and he said I could
share it with you:


1 1/4 cups         water
2     tablespoons  butter
2     tablespoons  brown sugar
2     tablespoons  dark molasses
2     tablespoons  caraway seed
2     teaspoons    salt
1 3/4 cups         all purpose flour
1     cup          rye flour
1/2   cup          pumpernickle**
2     tablespoons  gluten
4     teaspoons    yeast

Add ingredients as per your machine's manufacturer instructions.
Jerry bakes on White Bread setting; I use Whole Wheat Setting.

**Note:  We purchase pumpernickle at a wonderful local mill,
and it's quite coarse, resulting in "bumpy" bread.  If you prefer
a finer-textured bread, you may want to grind the pumpernickle
in a coffee mill before adding it.

     I know the Tuthilltown Gristmill & Country Store
does a mail-order business because I have an old catalog
in front of me, but I don't know if they charge for catalogs
or not.  They are located on Gristmill Lane, Gardiner, NY,
12525-9501, and their phone number is (914) 255-5695.  In
addition to selling flours milled on the premises, they sell
spices, grains, beans, seeds, cereals, and all kinds of stuff.
I have no connection with the business, other than
a love of taking a leisurely ride through the country to
poke around their store for an hour!  They're great people.
If you're in the New Paltz, New York area, they're worth a

     Enjoy, and thanks for all your sharing!

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