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Softening honey and other uses for a microwave

Susan Chapin <schapin@mitre.org>
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 09:58:48 -0500
Someone asks about re-liquifying honey.  Remove the metal lid and put the 
jar in the microwave, wave on low for a short while.  Monitor your progress 
since you don't want to cook the outside layer of honey.  You will soon 
have enough liquid honey for making your bread.  Or of course you could 
simply dig out the amount you need and use it in its crystallized form.

The microwave is very useful also for getting all your ingredients to room 
temperature before you put them in the bread machine.  30 seconds on half 
power warms 3 cups refrigerated flour;  30 seconds on high warms 1 cup 
chilly water.

This matters to me, since I keep my flour (my many 2-lb bags of non-wheat 
flours) in the refrigerator or sometimes the freezer and don't use the 
time-ahead function of the ABM.  Just don't put yeast in the microwave -- 
you will kill it (the yeast, that is).

	- susan