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rewton@cs.utep.edu (Ralph Ewton)
Tue, 19 Nov 96 10:32:55 MST
The instructions for most modern gadgets with moving parts often say not
to put them in the dishwasher.  They usually state the reason which is:
The bearings are "permanently" lubricated.    Of course nothing is permanent,
and this just means you can't get to them to grease them yourself.  But the
pressurized jets of hot water in your dishwasher will indeed wash the lubricant
out of your paddle bearing after enough washings and your pan will suffer a
needless early death.   If the pan is rinsed in hot water after hand washing
and then used for baking, I don't think Valerie and others need to worry about
germs.  They will die along with the "good germs" who give their lives so nobly for us: the yeast, which perishes in the baking.

Ralph Ewton