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Dishwashing Zoji parts & clean kitchen sponges

Sandra Wambold <wambold@pobox.COM>
Mon, 18 Nov 1996 14:07:40 -0500 (EST)
I would be wary of dishwashing the Zojirushi bread pan and parts
because I had bad results after I accidently left the bread pan and
paddle in water for too long.  The paddle now has pitting, which makes
it harder to remove the bread from the pan and bread scraps from the
paddle.  The bottom of the bread pan got a little bit of aluminum dust
tarnish -- it doesn't seem to be a problem but it was a bit worrisome.

So, given my "experiment", I wouldn't want to put the bread pan in the
dishwasher unless I were going to dry it soon after.  Assuming that
the bread pan was upside down, some water would get stuck in the
aluminium on the bottom, which is the part that got the "tarnish" for

As for those worried about kitchen sponges, keep some bleach handy and
wash your sponges in a diluted solution (probably found on your bleach