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Jeff Lowenthal <photoman@wwa.com>
Sun, 17 Nov 1996 00:21:34 -0600
>From: "Dan H. Erwin" <dherwin@prairienet.org>
>Subject: community forum
> I recently found something our most interesting hobby of ours in my 
> local newspaper. It just began running. It is a little magazine called
> 'Connect Time'. In this magazine was a web site that I found to be 
> quite interested. It is something that should interest all bread baker
> snip snip
>                       Title                          THE VILLAGE BAKER
>                           http://www.countrylife.net/bread/
>  I am sure you will enjoy it!
>  Dan

Thanks for your kind words about Connect-Time. I'm an editor there, and
selected the bread site for our Discoveries section. We are always open to
suggestions from readers, which is how most discoveries begin. And while we
may seem small (8 pages) we already have the largest circulation of any
computer magazine in the world. (6+ million, distributed with 52 papers)
I'm an ABM baker myself and may be one of the few people to buy a RedStar
2# machine. It has been great, doing its job day after day for a year now.
It is/was supported by Red Star (the yeast people) with an 800 help line. 

Best of all was the price: Under $100! And, unlike my old R2D2 Welbilt,
it's unlikely to shake itself off my counter.