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Redstar Yeast and Breadman Machine Comments

bankerunb@juno.com (Ronald L. Ploude)
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 18:47:02 EST
Karen in Tucson wrote questioning the Redstar Yeast from Walmart.  I
recently bought a 7 oz jar of that yeast and found it to be more finely
ground than the Fleishman's yeast.  Since it was fine, I had expected it
to be faster acting yeast.  That is exactly what my experience has been. 
The bread rises slightly higher and more evenly.  I did not find the
price objectionable since I had been paying  $5.99 for the 4 oz jar of
the Fleishman's yeast and $6.99 for a 7 oz jar of Redstar seemed like a
bargain.  Unfortunately, there is no Sam's store in my area so the $3.50
bricks that I've read about on the list aren't available to me.

Regarding the post on Breadman machine parts and service, I can only
comment that my experience with the Regal Machine manufacturer has been
the exact opposite.  They are readily accessable over the phone and
willingly replaced the paddle for my machine without charge when I told
them that the none stick was wearing off it.   Breadman makes a good
machine but, after reading your post, I would never buy one.  On the
other hand, I can highly recommed the Regal Bread Machine.  The motor is
extreemly powerfull and handles grainy breads easily and the company
provides excellent after sale support.