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Breadman Breadmaker

ltsilver@borg.com (LT Silverman)
Sun, 20 Oct 1996 12:32:03 -0500
I love the Breadman Breadmaker machine, but I am involved in a running
battle with the company to receive the paddle and bowl I ordered almost SIX
MONTHS ago. I get the royal run around. Here is the note I tried to post to
the bb's bbs.

>After four months, I am still waiting for an extra paddle and bowl for my
>>Salton Breadman. I ordered and paid for them only to receive the wrong

>After numerous phone calls and e-mails, I am no closer to getting the
>items >than I was at the beginning of the ordeal. I have been told that
>the parts are >unavailable since the machine is so new. After four months
>the product is no >longer new.

A month ago I wrote to the president of the company and the director of
consumer >affairs with no response from either of them.

>I have no problem with the machine. It makes good bread. My problem is
>with the >people who support this machine. They are like the proverbial
>used car dealers >who sell you a car and wash their hands of you. As long
>as the product work >fine, everything is great; have a problem and you are
>on your own.


It is almost 5 months since I ordered the parts. In one month's time, I
have written a certified, return receipt requested letter and have not
gotten the receipt back. I have received a letter back from Kim Polster,
Consuemr Service Supervisor, (a month after the original letter) telling me
to be patient that the parts are still unavailable.

Does this sound like I have a problem? How long do I wait?