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King Arthur Flour

"Caron Rose"<crose@sbd.com>
Tue, 15 Oct 1996 09:09:37 -0400
  This is my first post to the list, so I hope I sent it to the right
  I've been reading the list for quite sometime now, and have gotten many,
  many good hints and tips on breadmaking.  I have seen many references to
  King Arthur Flour, but never saw it around here.  Well, I finally found
  it in my area (BJ's Wholesale, in the Washington DC area).
  I have to say - it made a big difference in my loaf.  I have a machine,
  but I only use it for the dough.  I shape it and bake it in whatever
  shape I prefer.  The dough with the King Arthur flour
  was much stiffer than with Pillsbury bread flour, and didn't rise as
  much, but the texture was wonderful.  It was evenly textured, and tasted
  great.  The other thing I noticed was - it sliced much easier.   On the
  second loaf, I lowered the amount flour used in the recipe, because the
  dough was very stiff, and my machine was laboring a bit (Zoji).  The
  second was still  rather stiff, but not quite as stiff as the first.  But
  the loaf came out the same as the first.  I like this flour!  Good stuff!
  Thank you for all the testimonials.  I may not have ever tried it if I
  hadn't heard about it from Bread-Bakers.

  Thanks again,
  Caron Rose
  Chantilly, VA.