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Bread Flour

"Sue Ann" <suean@pl.jaring.my>
Sun, 13 Oct 1996 16:12:16 +0800
Please forgive a silly newbie (to this bread-making business) for asking,
but what's the difference between bread flour and all-purpose flour? I've
only got all-purpose flour, and bread flour is hard to get. Can I use it
instead? And also, I've once baked a loaf (okay, it was more like a bun) of
fat-free bread, and it came out inedible. It was greyish in colour and much
too tough... :( But the crust was already brown so I couldn't bake it any
more. I really want my bread fat-free so adding fat is not an option I can
choose... The recipe I used was one for basic bread - it consisted of
flour, water and salt. I've also tried making pastry, pancakes and burger
patties, but _always_ the centre is not cooked yet it is almost burnt on
the outside. Does anybody have a fat-free solution they can share?

Thanks, and sorry if my questions were too out of the topic!

Sue Ann