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Re: customizing breads

Wed, 09 Oct 1996 08:37:09 -0500 (EST)
Hello David,
sorry the toastmaster cinnamon nut bread did not come out well
in your black and decker.
Ive made the bread in the Toastmaster for 2 years now with excellent
results. All I can guess is the recipe is perhaps customized to the
Toastmaster( yet I wonder why it couldnt work well with other 2 lb bread
machines, i.e. black and decker ? )

I know myself bread makers arent equal with kneading and heating cycles etc.
Ive made numerous abm bread recipes from books which I always have to make
some such adjustment with liquid/ flour. A favorite example is the vanilla
walnut coffecake bread recipe which never came out right until I fiqured I
had to add much more flour to the recipe. I could never tell if it was a
misprint or what. the dough was always goopy and certainly more flour was

I really think most abm recipes give the starting point of ingredients so to
speak. I own a dozen abm cookbooks and it is rare that I find the dough
perfect without adding a bit more water.flour etc.
You really would think recipes applicable for most bread machines though!

Id love to know if anyone with a toastmaster platinum plus has made that
cinnamon nut bread in their machine and how the results came out or with
another breadmaker?

Thanks for your input re the recipe, this helps us all with the various
recipes, types of machines, etc. and keeps us updated  with each others
machines etc.

Good luck if you try it again!
All I can suggest is perhaps try the smaller loaf recipe and adjust the
flour/water ration as needed to produce a proper dough. perhaps try a
different cycle on your machine; not sweet but regular with light crust

Joan :)
Joan,"Flour Power"                                                                                                                           


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