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stuffing bread

Sat, 28 Sep 1996 17:04:36 -0500 (EST)
Reggie, here are some stuffing bread recipes I had in my data base. Not the
exact recipes but Im certain rice could be included and perhaps the bread
bakers group would like to see them.
Hope this helps some!
If your friend is experienced in breadmaking he/she could use a basic white
bread recipe and add the seasonings and extras in the dough.
I have heard of stuffing bread in general and Im sure someone must have a
similar recipe.

I know of stuffing bread per see, which is a basic white loaf seasoned
with onions and poultry seasoning. I vaguely remember a white bread recipe
in an old Pepperidge Farm cookbook by Margaret Rudkin , I believe the bread
was made with the intention to be cubed and dried out for the turkey
stuffing. That might be of interest to those who want to make everything by
scratch, even the bread for the stuffing :)

MM: Chicken & Stuffing Bread
---------- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.03

      Title: Chicken & Stuffing Bread
 Categories: Breadmaker, Breads
      Yield: 1 servings

      1 pk Yeast
    1/4 ts Ginger
    1/4 ts Sugar
  2 1/4 c  Better for Bread flour
    1/2 c  Wheat flour
      2 tb Gluten
  1 1/4 c  Chicken Flavor M/w
           Stuffing Mix (or 1/2
           16 1/4 oz. package
           Stove Top instant
           Stuffing mix)
      1 tb Onion;dried/minced
      1 ts Salt
    1/2 ts Poultry seasoning
    1/3 c  Celery;1/4" pieces/fresh
    1/4 c  Mushrooms;can/slices/drain
      1    Egg

  Add all ingredients into the pan in the order listed.
  MB Select white bread and push "Start." DAK'S

MM: Turkey Stuffing Bread
---------- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.03

      Title: Turkey Stuffing Bread
 Categories: Breadmaker, Holidays
      Yield: 1 loaf

------------------------SMALL LOAF------------------------
    2/3 c  Water
      1 sm Egg
      2 tb Butter/margarine
    1/4 c  Diced onion
  1 1/2 ts Brown/white sugar
    1/3 ts Salt
    1/4 ts Black pepper - coarse
    2/3 ts Dry sage
    2/3 ts Celery seeds
    1/2 ts Poultry seasoning
    1/2 c  Cornmeal
  1 2/3 c  Bread flour
      1 ts Yeast
           Flour equivalent: 2 + cups

------------------------MEDIUM LOAF------------------------
      1 c  Water
      1 lg Egg
      3 tb Butter/margarine
    1/3 c  Diced onion
  2 1/4 ts Brown/white sugar
    1/2 ts Salt
    1/3 ts Black pepper - coarse
      1 ts Dry sage
      1 ts Celery seeds
    3/4 ts Poultry seasoning
    2/3 c  Cornmeal
  2 1/2 c  Bread flour
  1 1/2 ts Yeast
           Flour equivalent:  3 + cups

------------------------LARGE LOAF------------------------
  1 1/3 c  Water
      2 sm Eggs
      4 tb Butter/margarine
    1/2 c  Diced onion
      1 tb Brown/white sugar
    2/3 ts Salt
    1/2 ts Black pepper - coarse
  1 1/3 ts Dry sage
  1 1/3 ts Celery seeds
      1 ts Poultry seasoning
      1 c  Cornmeal
  3 1/3 c  Bread flour
      2 ts Yeast
           Flour equivalent: 4 1/3 cups

    SOURCE:  The Bread Machine Cookbook III by Donna
  Rathmell German, copyright 1992, ISBN #1-55867-058-3.
    Load machine according to manufacturers directions.
    It is delicious to stuff a turkey with as well as
  using it as a side dish.
    Cycle:  White, sweet; NO timer (egg).
    Setting:  Medium.

---------- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.03

 Categories: Breadmaker
      Yield: 16 servings

----------------MODIFIED BY SYLVIA STEIGER----------------
    1/2 tb Yeast
  2 1/4 c  Bread flour
    1/2 c  Whole wheat flour
      2 tb Gluten
    1/2 tb Sugar
      1 tb Onions, dried minced
    1/2 tb Salt
      1 tb Poultry seasoning
      1 tb Oil
      1 ea Eggs
      1 c  Chicken stock

------------------------ADD AT BEEP------------------------
      1 c  Chicken, cooked; diced
    1/2 c  Mushrooms, sliced

  Warm broth.  Bring all ingredients to room temperature
  and pour (except chicken and mushrooms) into bakery,
  in order. Set "baking control" to medium.  Select
  "white bread" and push Start. Add chicken and
  mushrooms at beep, 88 minutes into the cycle.

  Tested in DAK 1-1/2-lb R2D2.  Sylvia's comments: GREAT
  bread for times when you need an extremely portable
  meal. As I modified it, it really tastes like chicken
  and stuffing! I took this on a trip to have something
  meal-like to feed the kids right in the car, and they
  loved it. Save this recipe to use up your
  Thanksgiving/Christmas leftovers!

Joan,"Flour Power"


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