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Ken & Mary Ann Vaughan <kvaughan@ptialaska.net>
Sat, 28 Sep 1996 08:13:28 -0800
I have used sourdough for many years, but have to confess that the last
few years I have been using "Krustez Sourdough Bread Mix" sold in 10
pound bags by the local Price-Costco.  The bag includes the yeast
(redstar) packages for 1 1/2 pound bread loaves in the bread machine.
Flavor is good, and is more consistent than my other products.  I admit
it has none of the drama associated with the care and feeding of
sourdough starters.  It also avoids some of the marital debates over the
starter containers in the refrig.

I use it to make waffles and pancakes (yeast risen) with good effect

Yeast Raised Sourdough Cakes

2 cups Krustez Sourdough Bread Mix
1 bottle full bodied beer, warm  (12 ounces, Alaska Brewery Amber Beer
1/2 cup warm water
3 tablespoons driy mik powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons sugar
1/4 cup canola oil *
2 eggs (preferably at room temperature to avoid cooling the mixture)
1 package dry yeast (1 tablespoon bulk yeast)

Get up a little early and start this so the yeast has a chance to get to
bubbling.  Getting all the lumps out a the start is not critical -- the
yeast will win over the lumps.

Cook on  hot griddle and enjoy the smell.  These are tender and great
with real maple syrup.

*  I usually omit the oil and use cooking spray on the griddle to lower
the "F" rating.

Notes:  Works great with unbleached white flour, wholewheat pastry
flour, mixtures of flour, etc.

Use of beer in flapjack back in the "old days" provide yeast for the
pancakes.  With the current microfiltered beer, yeast has to be added.

Beer can be replaced with milk -- most of the alcohol does cook off, but
Fick's Law rules and all will not leave in the time that a pancake
cooks.  (yes I did a masters thesis on gas exchange in liquid)  Those
with alcohol sensitivity should use milk or water.

Increase the oil, or use cooking spray on the irons to make waffles.