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Re: Gojirushi bread machines

"David Shotlander" <david_shotlander@pch.gc.ca>
Wed, 25 Sep 96 15:42:47 EST
Hi, everyone!
Forgive me if the answer to this question was recently offered; I've 
been off the list for over a year, so I don't know much about what's 
been going on.
        When last I was subscribed, mention was made that the Goji 
bread machines were among the best for making heavy-duty 
European-style breads with much grain and substance.  Is this still 
the popular opinion?  If so, does anyone know of some place in either 
Ottawa or Montreal that sells them?  I've been looking around just 
about everywhere, including the U.S., and have not seen even one.  
Have there been any "Consumer Reports" (or the like) comparisons of 
recent bread machines and their abilities?  Any foodback (: would be 
appreciated.  Thanks!

David Shotlander
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