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Kneading attachment

Boris Shor <bshor@freedomhouse.org>
Tue, 17 Sep 1996 15:02:08 -0700
Hello people,

I had been enjoying my Welbilt machine (4100T, the 2lb model) quite a
bit until this little snag. I usually remove and wash the kneading
attachment after every loaf of bread, as per the instructions. However,
the last time I made bread, I went away for the weekend, and forgot the
remove the kneading attachment (kneadle??). Now, I can't seem to remove
it, no matter what I've tried: soaking for days, pulling as hard as I
can (this is quite painful, since there is nothing to hold onto and the
kneadle is quite close to the bottom of the baking pan), even using a
shoelace to give me more pulling power. Nothing works.

Does anybody have any ideas about what I should do to start baking bread