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Tassajara Bread Look-a-like?

"Andy K. in San Francisco" <scooter@global.california.com>
Sat, 14 Sep 1996 23:04:50 -0700 (PDT)
Hello Bread Group:
Here in San Francisco my favorite store bought bread is Tassajara Viennese
5 Grain Bread. I freeze it and use it for morning toast.

Parenthetic Remarks:
Before the company was bought out some years ago by the owners of Just
Deserts (previously it was owned by the Zen Center of San Francisco) the
bread WAS Viennese 9 grain! (don't ask, I don't know!). I wonder if I have
one of their old bread wrappers.

No this breas is not listed in either editions of the Tassajara Bread
Book. I would like to have a similar home made ABMor by hand  version.

Here are the ingredients:
"Unbleached wheat flour, water, organic dark rye flour*, rye flakes,
honey, dark unsulphured molasses, rolled oats, millet, sesame seeds,
sunflower seeds, flax seeds, vital wheat gluten, sea salt and yeast. 

*Organically grown and processed in accordance with the California.
Organic Foods Act of 1990."

(where do you buy rye flakes from?)

No nutritive information is included on the wrapper.

Does anyone have a good recipe for either the ABM or by-hand? Any Bay Area
locals have a clue? It is a great tasting bread! They normally sell it in
the high $2.60-3.00 range, but I buy it at a an "outlet" store for $.99 a
loaf.  That's one of the reasons I freeze it! 


If a duplicate, near-to, or even just a "fantasy" recipe is posted, I'll
bake it off and let you know how close it comes...(I do realize that there
is no way I could put a topping on this bread when baking it in the ABM!

Take care, and "May your name be written in the book of the Lord" for
another year.

P.S. made two loaves today. One was a 7 grain orange loaf (orange zest and
some of the water replaced by 4 tablespoons of freshly squeezed orange
juice). The other was a banana loaf. The first was a huge success and the
latter tasted sweet, but was so very squat, like a miniture tent.. 

Have yet to try another sourdough in the Maxim Simply Bread Machine, but
soon I will (yes, I will let it rise outside of the bread pan!). 

andy k. in San Francisco